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  1. Statamic Tip: Invalidating Static Cache on Content Update

    Alexander Stoffel Posted on May 06, 2022

    Static caching gives your site a speed boost, but it can also lead to inconsistent content. Here's how you automatically clear exactly the right pages from your static cache.

  2. Working With Dynamic Variables in Antlers Runtime

    John Koster Posted on May 04, 2022

    There are rare situations where being able to reference a variable dynamically would make your life much easier (such as dynamic alt text). Antlers Runtime supports dynamic variables, and this article covers their usage.

  3. Statamic Starter Kits vs WordPress Themes

    Alexander Stoffel Posted on April 30, 2022

    WordPress has themes, Statamic has starter kits - both let you set up a new site quickly, but the approaches are quite different. Here are the main distinctions you should keep in mind when moving from WordPress to Statamic.

  4. Managing Fieldset Handles with Antlers Runtime

    John Koster Posted on April 22, 2022

    Managing prefixed imported fieldsets can sometimes be challenging when attempting to create reusable partials. However, the Antlers Runtime version provides ways to make this easier using the handle_prefix parameter.

  5. Statamic Tip: Using Forms with Static Caching

    Alexander Stoffel Posted on April 11, 2022

    Static Caching gives your site a speed boost, but sadly it also breaks any forms you may have. Here's how you can have the best of both worlds.

  6. Intro to Custom Form Handling in Statamic

    Alexander Stoffel Posted on April 07, 2022

    A quick look at how we can use the standard Statamic forms but add our own submission handling to create a custom newsletter signup form.

  7. Installing Statamic from scratch with Dotfiles

    Jay George Posted on April 05, 2022

    Installing a local environment for Statamic with a script file (dotfiles), with all the gnarly bits left in where I stumble and try to course correct.

  8. Setting Up Statamic Sites with Ploi

    Alexander Stoffel Posted on April 02, 2022

    Deploy tools are a godsend when you create websites for a living. Here's how can save you a ton of time when working with Statamic.

  9. Introduction to Statamic

    Maciek Palmowski Posted on April 01, 2022

    In this guide, I will introduce you to the basics of Statamic and explain how to build and deploy the changes and how to convert it to a static website.

  10. Building a Statamic Website From Scratch - Part 1 (Background)

    Andy Griffiths Posted on March 30, 2022

    Join Andy as he dives into building with Statamic, moving from another content management system, Concrete5

  11. CSV Exporter for Statamic

    Duncan McClean Posted on March 29, 2022

    At Steadfast Collective, we recently released our first Statamic addon. The addon allows users to export content as CSV files.

  12. Statamic's Caching Levels Explained

    Alexander Stoffel Posted on March 19, 2022

    Hardly any website would be usable today without some sort of caching - let's take a look at all the ways Laravel and Statamic cache information to help your website's performance.

  13. Improved Laravel Blade support in Statamic 3.3

    Rias Posted on March 10, 2022

    Statamic 3.3 has added some additional improvements to their Blade templates support, which makes using Statamic together with Laravel's native Blade templates truly a joy to work with.

  14. Event listeners for Statamic

    Arlind Musliu Posted on March 09, 2022

    How to utilise Laravel and Statamic Events for different use-cases in your projects. In this example we cover how to dump all your posts in a json file on every entry save.

  15. Statamic Tip: Showing Random Entries with Static Caching

    Alexander Stoffel Posted on March 08, 2022

    Static caching is a great way to increase your website performance, but it does present some obstacles. Since the entire site is served as HTML, it's not possible to show random content to the user with Antlers. Let's look at some workarounds.

  16. Statamic Tip: Protecting Documents from Unauthorized Access

    Alexander Stoffel Posted on March 04, 2022

    By default, any asset you upload to your Statamic control panel can be accessed by anyone on the internet. Here's an easy way to make sure only authorized users can download them instead.

  17. Statamic Tip: Using Tailwind Classes as Select Options

    Alexander Stoffel Posted on February 26, 2022

    Using Tailwind CSS when creating your Statamic site gets stuff done in no time. You can work even faster - and save a bunch of conditionals - by simply telling Tailwind to also check your fieldsets for classes used.

  18. Excluding Scripts and Parts of Templates in Statamic Live Preview

    Alexander Stoffel Posted on February 19, 2022

    Sometimes you might want to not include certain parts (like tracking scripts) in your site when viewing the live preview. Here's how this can be achieved using a custom Antlers tag.

  19. Creating a Content Reaction System with Statamic 3 and Antlers

    John Koster Posted on December 12, 2021

    Implements a system that allows site visitors to leave "reactions" on entries utilizing Antlers and a small amount of custom PHP code.

  20. Using Statamic on Laravel Vapor

    Duncan McClean Posted on June 22, 2021

    When pairing Statamic & Laravel Vapor together, there's a couple of things you'll need to watch out for - covered in this post.

  21. Integrating Laravel Spark, Stripe, and Statamic 3

    John Koster Posted on February 20, 2021

    A comprehensive guide on integrating Laravel Spark with Statamic. Covers installing Spark, and protecting content behind a pay-wall.

  22. Responsive Art direction in Statamic

    Rias Posted on February 05, 2021

    Art direction is nothing new, though there hasn't been an easy way to do it with most CMSs yet. Statamic, with the help of the spatie/statamic-responsive-images addon now offers an author- and developer-friendly way doing Art Direction with images.

  23. Building a Likes addon in Statamic 3

    Duncan McClean Posted on April 14, 2020

    This post walks you through the process of building a Statamic Likes addon, from bootstrapping to writing the code and setting up tests.

  24. Deploying Statamic 3 to a live web server

    Steven Grant Posted on January 27, 2020

    Steven walks us through what it looks like to deploy a Statamic 3 instance to a live web server.

  25. Running Statamic 3 on a Mac

    Steven Grant Posted on January 22, 2020

    Steven walks us through setting up a local Mac development environment for Statamic 3.