Technical Director at Type/Code

Type/Code recognizes that diverse teams make the strongest teams. Candidates from traditionally underrepresented groups in tech are highly encouraged to apply.

At 15 people, our team is lean, and our developers are top notch. As a frontend developer at Type/Code, you won’t just be churning out code at breakneck speed, blindly following a spec, disconnected from your work. You’ll care about the products you build and the community you build it with. You’ll exercise autonomy and decision-making alongside team collaboration and mentorship to do amazing work. We hold ourselves to a high level of visual finesse and are always exploring novel approaches to layouts and interactivity.

Every dev on our team came on board with different strengths and we’re not too prescriptive about your current specific expertise. At Type/Code you’ll be expected to constantly learn and grow on the job, taking on interesting tasks outside your normal wheelhouse and expanding your toolkit. That said, this is a mid to senior role and significant experience (3-5+ years) as an frontend developer is a must, and extensive familiarity with modern javascript frameworks (and related tools) and Sass/CSS features and techniques is required.

What We Value: Community: our team is small and close knit and we want you to join the family Work/life balance: we're not a startup, we tend to stay away from projects with difficult deadlines (not to say it doesn't happen), and we want you to be happy so you should make your non-work life a priority! Thoughtful, high quality work: we want you to own what you do, care about it, want to do it well, and create something you feel good about Communication: especially in the current distributed model, frequent and clear communication with the team is crucial As a mid to senior level position, experience with all of the below is preferred and expertise in some is assumed. As such, in your cover letter/email we’d love to hear about your experience with the following:

Frontend javascript development: we're primarily a Vue.js shop, though we do have some React projects (and this may increase in the near future), with an equal emphasis on presentation and actual application logic. Our complex frontend applications require thorough knowledge of vanilla JS and the DOM.

Frontend styling: we strongly favor greenfield/project-specific Sass rather than using a CSS framework and always emphasize responsive implementations. Our bespoke layouts and designs are very non-traditional/non-uniform and require both creativity and a thorough understanding of complex styling.

Backend integration: we work with both REST and GraphQL APIs

Version control: GitHub and increasingly all the fancy GitHub features (issues, discussions, actions, secrets, etc)

Development lifecycle: we're not super rigid here, but we follow a formal dev/stage/deploy process with extensive code review and QA, TDD when it makes sense, and as agile as makes sense for a particular project’s requirements

Though we'll be reopening our Brooklyn office in early '22, our team is currently pretty distributed — our only location requirement is that you have sufficient work hours overlap with the rest of the team.

Compensation & Benefits: Competitive salary Health, dental, and vision insurance 401k Matching Generous vacation policy; unlimited sick days Professional growth stipend Currently fully remote, fairly location agnostic Flexible hours

Job Type
Brooklyn 🇺🇸
but remote friendly 🙂
Date posted
June 14, 2022

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