Web Developer (Mid-Level, German-Speaking, CET) at morethingsdigital GmbH

We're a small, 2-person Development Studio, based in Passau, Germany. As our first months have passed with lots of work ahead, we are in the very lucky position to be able to expand đŸ’ȘđŸ»

That's why we are looking for you.

Ideally, your skillset includes at least one of the following:

If you have a background in Design, that's a huge plus, but definitely not needed!

We are working fully remote, so we don't expect that you come into an office. Still, we're mostly working for German clients where German language is required, so we mainly have to focus on German-speaking developers at this point.

Regarding employment type, we're mainly looking for permanent employments with either full-time or part time (flexible) hours. We can can also do 4-day-weeks etc., depending on your personal situation. Long-term freelancing is not our main goal, but still possible, if you are a good match :)

Feel free to ping us via E-Mail, we don't bite!

Job Type
Full-time, Part-time, Permanent, Freelance
Passau đŸ‡©đŸ‡Ș
but remote friendly 🙂
Date posted
October 17, 2022

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