Senior Frontend Developer at Orange Quarter

This company is on track to be Europe’s leading VetTech company, with the mission to bring mobility to the veterinary world, and offer veterinary services on demand. Their platform facilitates pet owners to easily book home visits around the clock in an uncomplicated manner and enables vets to run a mobile business. Their app uses ML prediction models to identify symptoms and diseases, and their algorithms optimize scheduled and routes for their mobile vet team. 


What to expect: 

You will be stepping into the role as one of the primary Senior Frontend developers who should bring expertise and experience to experimenting and integrating new features on the established platform. 

The primary website application is built in Statamic/Vue and the admin site in React. You will have the freedom to take ownership of the ongoing development of the product and extensions of the services. You will also be able to augment the existing engineering infrastructure. 

This role will require you to have technical foresight and be able to work closely with the product team to grow the platform. 



Job Type
Full-time, Permanent
Berlin 🇩🇪
Date posted
March 15, 2023

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